Mount Joy Home Inspection Offers Current and Former Military Veterans a discount!

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As a former military serviceman myself, I understand the sacrifice and dedication our armed forces members endure throughout their military careers.  Many of us are buying our first home after completing our term of service.  I understand the stress and anxiety that purchasing a new home can bring.  There are some extra considerations to take into account if you are using a VA loan as well.  As a licensed home inspector in the Orange County area, it is my job to help guide you through some of the obstacles you may face with any particular home. I will do my best to not only save you time and money but also educate you on some of the things that the VA inspector will be calling out.

In addition to providing information about the expectations of the VA, I can also save you some time and money with your VA specific well water testing.  Lastly the VA loan will require a licensed Termite Inspector to sign off on the home.  I have gone the extra mile and obtained a termite license to save my customers from having to hire a pest inspector to come inspect the property.

Mount Joy Home Inspection takes pride in our local veterans.  We are here to provide you with the best home inspection service possible all while saving you money and time.

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