Home Inspection In New York’s Hudson Valley

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Home Inspectors play a vital role the the real estate market.  While things may appear to be in great condition at first glance, a home inspector can be a valuable tool for potential buyers.  There are many problems that affect homes that are not necessarily apparent.  A good inspector will take the time to open access panels and crawl through attics to inspect the parts of the home that are most likely to  end up costing the home owner pricey repair bills.

Attics are key!

A good look through a home’s attic can tell a story.  Many people do not realize that attic ventilation plays a significant role the potential lifespan of the structure.  If ventilation is not properly installed, moisture can build up and begin the degradation process of the roof deck.  Signs of moisture in an attic can include rusty shingle nails, mold and mildew and visible moisture build up on the system’s components.

The Basement Matters

Another area of the home that is paramount to ensure the condition of the home is the basement.  Home Inspectors will always head to the basement to inspect important components of the homes heating systems, foundation, plumbing and electrical.  Many of the homes utilities are often stowed in the basement.  Moisture build up in a home’s basement is common.  A good Home Inspector will always address these issues and convey their suggestion to the potential buyers.


At Mount Joy Home Inspection we work for you, the home buyer.  We are here to ensure the home you are buying is in good working condition.  We try to limit the amount of home repairs that you will incur as a result of aging components and home systems.  For more information about home inspection services please feel free to inquire with me personally.  You can reach me, Jason at jason@mountjoyhomeinspection.com or just submit the form on our website and I will contact you immediately. Thanks for visiting Mount Joy Home Inspection.

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