Mold Inspection / Mold Assessor

New York State Licensed Mold Assessor Service

Whats the deal with mold?

Mold is a fungus that grows in damp areas of a home.  Its often the result of a leaking roof or plumbing component.  In just 48 hours after a leak mold can start to grow.

Mold feeds on cellulose based materials such as wood or drywall.  There are certain types of mold that produce chemicals called mycotoxins.  These mycotoxins are known to cause health effects such as allergic reactions, runny noses and other respiratory related problems.

While many types of mold do not produce mycotoxins, they still can damage building materials as they feed on them.

We recommend having any mold that is found remediated.


Regulatory Guidelines

In 2016 New York State passed a law that requires any mold remediation contractor to be licensed by the state. This law also requires any Mold Assessor to be licensed as well.

In an effort to protect the citizens of New York, the law states that the company that is performing the mold assessment cannot be the same company that carries out the mold remediation.

As an inspection company, Mount Joy Home Inspection provides Mold Assessor / Inspection services to our clients.

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